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Caliber – Up to .338
Length – 3”
Diameter – .980″
Thread Pitch – 5/8×24 RH
Weight – 4.9 oz


The PWS Precision Rifle Compensator (PRC) was designed to reduce the maximum amount of felt recoil while allowing the shooter to maintain an accurate sight picture of the intended target.

Wider on the bottom than other PWS compensators, the PRC minimizes ground disruption when firing from the prone position.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in
  1. Can’t believe no one has written a review. I am strictly an amateur and do not have much experience with muzzle brakes and compensators. I use a heavy barrel FNAR in .308. I took a chance and two years ago had my barrel threaded and a PWS PRC put on. I could not be happier. The tremendous muzzle flip is gone and I no longer have to hunt for my target after each shot. It has also improved my accuracy which is something I cannot explain. I was getting 2-3 MOA at 100 yds and now I get sub MOA groups with boring regularity. I am no longer afraid to shoot out to 600 yds. I can concentrate on my ranging and holdovers now. So take this for what it is worth. I am definitely not a professional sniper and I am sure there are other good compensators out there. However, I do not feel you can go wrong with the Precision Rifle Compensator. It is money well spent.

  2. Not a bad brake, it reduces the recoil by a decent margin. I have used brakes that reduced recoil and held sight picture better, but they did have very strong downside in terms of concussive effect, that is far less present on this brake.

  3. I use this on a Savage 10FLCP-SR (.308). Took a deer with the rifle this year and was able to watch the impact through my scope. The reduction in felt recoil is great, especially when putting the rifle in the hands of inexperienced shooters at the range. My AARP candidate mother even finds the rifle pleasant to shoot.

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