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MK116 Rifle – MOD 2



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MK116 MOD 2


Weight – 6lb 7.7 oz

Barrel Length – 16.1″

Overall Length – 33″

Gas Piston System – Mid-Length

Barrel Twist – 1:8

  1. Possibly *THE* best AR platform on the market. I have many high-end AR rifles and pistols but this one is by far the best in every aspect. The Picmod rail is innovative and useful and accuracy with this rifle is consistently the best no matter what ammo I’m feeding it. Fully ambidextrous and the best gas piston system available. Unlike my other gas piston guns, this one utilizes an AK style piston and bolt carrier so there is no op rod striking the bolt carrier during cycling which produces a smoother operation. Combined with the muzzle brake, the rifle is extremely easy to control and follow-up shots are quick, easy and accurate.

    I was on the fence about this rifle for some time – mainly because of the price tag compared to the perceived benefit. I finally ordered one and haven’t looked back since. I actually ordered another gas piston rifle quite similar in price range but that was where the similarities ended. The PWS MK116 is hand-down a better rifle. Every range outing yields the same result- my PWS consistently outperforms anything else I own from DI to gas piston on every platform.

    Customer Service is also one of the best to deal with – an important yet often underrated aspect of any product purchase. A-Z I’m a huge fan of this company and their product.

  2. Hands down the best Rifle I have ever owned or had the pleasure of picking up, worth every penny!

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