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FSC (Flash Suppressing Compensator) not only suppresses flash, but also yields excellent muzzle control without the teeth-rattling overpressure often seen with similar compensators.



Caliber – .223
Length – 2.33”
Diameter – .865”
Thread Pitch – 1/2×28 RH
Weight – 2.5 oz


Caliber – .308
Length – 2.95”
Diameter – .877″
Thread Pitch – 5/8×24 RH
Weight – 3.4 oz


Caliber – .30
Length – 2.10”
Diameter – .865”
Thread Pitch – 14×1 LH
Weight – 2.0 oz


In addition to offering superior compensation characteristics, PWS FSC Series provides enough flash suppression to keep the flash out of your optics and line of sight. Designed for both competitive and tactical use, the FSC Series allows for superior muzzle stabilization and aids the shooter in faster follow-up shots and accuracy..


The unique port design of the FSC Series yields muzzle control that meets or exceeds the performance of the best muzzle brakes on the market without the teeth-rattling overpressure indicative of other brakes and compensators..


The FSC556, the original flash suppressing compensator, is available on many PWS products as well as standard on the FN SCAR® 16s rifle.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in
  1. I have installed this particular product to one of my .308 battle rifles. I did this in the hopes that it would tame the recoil and add a bit of muzzle control, so that my 12 year old grandson “J” could handle the larger caliber for his first whitetail hunt this last fall. The FSC30 Performed better than I had hoped allowing “J” to put some serious trigger time in before the hunt. Thus allowing him to take a nice 6 pointed buck with one shot to the pump house. My grandson and I visit most of the local gun shows in the MPLS area where I allow “J” to shoulder HIS/MY G3 for the show. We have had a few venders ask us for a verbal review of the PWS. “J” loves this product and he always proclaims that with it, HIS/MY G3 now shoots more like HIS/MY .22 rimfire. THANKS PWS for your outstanding products Jimi in MPLS

  2. I put the FSC30 on my AI/Remington long range rifle in .308. It performs perfectly. The recoil is a push and the muzzle jump is all but gone. My groups actually shrunk in size. I highly recommend this and the PRC that I put on a 110BA in 300 Win Mag. A noticeable improvement on the .300 Win Mag. High quality, great price and it works!!

  3. I put this on my 5.56 rifle with a 14.5 inch barrel. I love it to death. Took away almost all muzzle rise and felt recoil. Also drives the rifle straight back so that follow up shots are fast and on target! I loved it so much I recommend it to 16 of my fellow shooter friends and they all love it as well! Great product! Finally a product does what it sayss and then some! I’m getting ready to build a 308 soon and you can bet I will be installing one of these! Highly recommend and say a must for any one looking for a smoother shooting rifle!

  4. Loved this little girl on my mk16S (Scar-L) 5.56… but just noticed today while cleaning my rifle that the poor old girl took a round or two either from becoming misaligned (came factory on the firearm) or jacket fragmentation leaving the barrel. Sad to see her go. This brake is one of the best ones I have ever ran, it made my mk16 feel like a pee shooter. Will def be picking another one up as soon as they are in stock. GREAT brake.

  5. Bought one of these to put on my patrol rifle. I did a lot of reading before I bought it and chose this one specifically for the comment that it doesn’t create the over pressure of other breaks. First time I had to put down a deer on the side of the road, it almost burst my left ear drum. I put the bird cage back on next day. It does reduce recoil and it looks great on the gun, but it creats just as much pressure as other breaks.

  6. i have the mod1. on a sig sauer 556 patrol. pure awesome. i had to put a mod2 on my adams arms ultra lite advanced dissipator.

  7. Have the mod 1 on my 223, great control. Yes a little loud and side pressure but drives pesky shooters away at the range. Have the mod 2 for my Sig 716 haven’t ranged it yet but I know I wont be taking it off.

  8. I have two of these, one on a full-sized AK and one on a Century Mini Draco.
    With the full-sized rifle shouldered I can dump a 20-round mag through a 50-yard target without leaving the paper. With the Draco, it tames some of the wicked blast and actually keeps it mostly accurate, which is a definite win for a 7.62×39 pistol.
    I also installed a 1st-Gen FSC47 on a Vepr in 54R at one point using a barrel shoulder and crush washer. It kept that beast in line enough for 1″ groups at 100 yards with surplus. I will definitely be buying more for future builds.

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  10. Excellent device for AK. Tames recoil well while slightly reducing rise and reducing flash while keeping it out of your line of sight. There are other devices that will do any one of those things better than this one, but few if any will do all 3 at the same time as well.

  11. This is the only break I use ( x4). Reduces recoil, flip and flash makes a 30 cal feel more like a 22. If your dumb enough not to wear ear pro dont blame it on the break.

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