PWS MK1 Series

MK1 Series Rifles

Standard in MK1 Rifles, a significant improvement over standard AR15 direct impingement systems, the PWS long-stroke piston system greatly reduces fouling in the acting of the weapon, making it as reliable as the AK-47 that inspired it.

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PWS MK1 Series

MK1 Wraith

Accurized, Cerakoted and equipped with robust upgrades, these performance MK1 rifles are crafted exclusively in the Custom Shop. Used by professional 3 Gun shooters, the Wraith is a reliable, durable choice for competition.

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PWS .308 EBT

The PWS .308 EBT is here!

The Enhanced Buffer Tube unique to the PWS MK2 Rifles is now available as a stand alone product. Unlike Mil-Spec buffer tubes which require a unique buffer when used on an AR-10 pattern rifle, the PWS .308 Buffer Tube is compatible with standard weight AR-15 buffers and offers a host of unique features.

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Half Cocked S01E04