T3 Series: Modular


The T3 series was created to integrate with the vastly popular Ruger 10/22 platform, allowing shooters to upgrade and expand their existing rifles.

T3 Series: Action


The PWS Summit Action is available in three different configurations, accommodating shooters with existing stocks, barrels or trigger groups who wish to integrate the PWS Summit Action into an existing system.

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Tension Barrels

All T3 Tension Barrels are precision machined from a barrel blank in-house using the highest quality materials available.

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PWS T3 Series Stocks provide a stylish finishing touch to your PWS T3 Action or existing Ruger 10/22 build.

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T3 Lever

The PWS T3 Lever allows the ambidextrous release of a magazine without change in grip or shooting position, resulting in faster magazine changes.

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Available Options

A listing of all our available T3 Summit rifles, parts, and accessories.

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