PWS GUN-EASE breaks up carbon on contact and creates a protective barrier with each use.

Gun-Ease Tub


Intended for shop applications, the GUN-EASE tub is perfect for your cleaning bench or box and contains enough lube to maintain your entire collection. The shop tub contains a thicker variant of GUN-EASE that is most effective when heated upon application.

Gun-Ease Wipes


Easy to pack and carry, each pre-saturated cloth is tough enough to scrub and seal all carbon fouled surfaces. The GUN-EASE cleaning wipes pack includes eight 6-inch cleaning cloths.

Gun-Ease Pen


The GUN-EASE pen is made from a crush-resistant aluminum tube with a replaceable cap and press-down applicator tip. It is designed for efficient lubrication of contact points and can be carried in a plate carrier or travel bag. It is especially effective for lubricating or cleaning small areas and invaluable when maintaining pistols.