MK1 Series: Enhanced Buffer Tube

Enhanced Buffer Tube

Machined from one piece of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, PWS engineers were able to pack more features into the PWS buffer tube.

Goodbye Castle Nut

Eliminating the castle nut, the PWS EBT’s unique indexing screw & plate system ensures precise alignment of the buffer tube.

Carrier Tilt

Featuring a lip that extends into the receiver to support the carrier, the EBT eliminates any present carrier tilt.

MK1 Series: QD Attachments and Debris

QD Attachments

Unlike aftermarket items, PWS EBT QD attachments are machined directly into the aluminum for durability and weight savings.


MK1 buffer tubes are fluted, creating channels for debris, and feature several drain holes to allow water to escape the system.

MK1 Series: H2 Buffer

PWS H2 & H3 Buffer

Low contact points allow debris to fall into channels, while Nickel Teflon coating keeps carbon from sticking. PWS machinists engrave the PWS logo directly into the 4140 steel.

PWS Buffer Tube Installation Instructions